Meet Janie Jasin


She’s a Speaker, Author, Teacher, Humorist, Coach, Presenter, Storyteller, Writer. Invite Janie to come speak at your next gathering and she will spark life and energy into every audience member. Many things in life can affect our day-to-day activities. Allow Janie to enlighten you with the gifts she delivers.

Janie Jasin has Presented and Spoken to audiences including Mayo Clinic, Anderson Brothers, Leadingage, ANFP Association, Aurora Health System, Methodist Park Nicollet, and more.

She is a rare blend of what our overly serious and jaded world needs more of. Her outrageous humor, combined with a deep compassion for people and their real life struggles, help deliver the Gift of Wisdom she has to offer to each and every audience member. Janie is able to connect with people on a personal level with her strong Story Telling ability that comes to life as she shares with audiences of all ages. Janie leaves everybody laughing and ready for more. 


JANIE DELIVERS GIFTS – To Live By – To Work With

    • The gift of PRESENCE – How to be there in work, play and life
    • The gift of WISDOM – Knowledge of success & survival
    • The gift of SELLING – Yourself, Your Products, Your Skills
    • The gift of SPEAKING – How to Present – Write, Script, and Deliver
    • The gift of HUMOR – What is so funny about you being so serious?


Watch these videos to learn a bit more about Janie and the wonderful works she does


Janie Jasin Speaks

As Time Goes By


Moments, Mentors, Miracles

These mentors gave me belief in myself, my skills, my talents and my personality. They walked with me in faith, hope and love. They were miracles. Their words, presence and humor allowed me to prosper, reach, teach and live with gratitude.


Cavett Robert

Founder of The National Speakers Association. From 1983 his words of “The audience has a love affair with you,” allowed me to see how my speaking style affected listeners in the audience.


Frankie Finch

Accompanist, speaking partner and friend from 1977-2005. Her four words? “You hold such promise.” continue to lead me through life. In heaven her music makes angels dance.


Fr. Bob White

A constant presence of good, holiness and laughter. He reinforces my efforts to connect and bring laughter to others. He sees my wit and unique talent and encourages it with praise. He helps me “Go On.”


Rosita Perez

A star of speakers. Her words to me were “Watch and wait, work and pray and it will come to you.”


Manny Steil

– is a friend and founder of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Speakers Association. He awards those whose work should be recognized. He awarded me the Lifetime Achievement Award 2012.


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