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Janie Jasin is a rare blend of what our overly serious and jaded world needs more of–outrageous humor–wit and mirth combined with a deep compassion for people and the real life struggles they have. Janie shares with audiences what Janie does best, her ability to connect with people. She does it in a way that leaves everybody laughing and ready for more. She pulls you in and then leaves you feeling somehow more alive and more excited about life than you care to admit. Without realizing it the world is aching for more of what she has.


Fr. Robert White, Pastor of St. Victoria Parish Family


You held everyone in the palm of your hand. You gave the Congress attendees an opportunity to laugh while at the same time learning more about how to deal with life’s twists and turns. The speaker that was directly before you represented every convention planner’s worst nightmare! You told me you would win the audience back and get them on track. Thank you for saving the meeting! Janie, you truly saved the day!


Dan Maddox, Executive Director of American Payroll Association


Janie Jasin is the inaugural recipient of the NSA-MINNESOTA Lifetime achievement award in honor of her significant, lifelong contribution to enriching the profession of speaking and the advancement and extended growth and health of the NSA-MN Chapter. She illustrates the mastery of the speaking craft. She has ignited energy in audiences for more than three decades by weaving the beauty of laughter, love, creativity, hope, and determination.


National Speakers Association, Minnesota Chapter


Thank you for making us laugh! It was the best in-services they have been to. You really touched their hearts. You really made a big impact. God sure blessed you with a beautiful gift!


Nancy Reichenberger, Volunteer Coordinator, Mercy Affinity Ascension Hospitals, Oshkosh, WI


People absolutely LOVED having you and were glad to end our series of leadership development days with you. It was positive and uplifting. You were a joy to have.


Loretta Lamb, Director of Human Resources, Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN


She weaves humor like a golden thread weaving a tapestry of wellness and relief.

Mayo Clinic

She is “Out on a limb with Creativity.” Ideas fly by and we caught them in mid air.

Teachers New York State


Keep doing what you’re doing so you can continue to bring more laughter and more joy into the lives of many others!

Wendy Bartlett Minneapolis Airport Commision, Legal Department

Janie Jasin is the best self esteem speaker you will ever hear.



Jack Canfield author of “Chicken Soup”


Outstanding. Best Ever at the conference. Awesome! Fun!


She knows her stuff. Above excellent rating.

Mayo Clinic


Most outstanding speaker this year.

Applied Association for Therapeutic Humor

You saved our meeting!

American Payroll Association, Dan Maddux


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