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Humor, Purpose, Creativity, and Affirmation

Messages that Entertain, Inspire, and Help People Feel Normal in an “Abnormal” World



Come to your Senses!

A Sense of Purpose * Well-Being * Humor. Can be customized for any special theme or group.  Most often used for openings or conventions and conferences. This is our most chosen keynote and it is 1- 2 hours in length.

*Janie’s Godmother, Aunt Jenny, a business wonder woman from 1940-1994  says “Come to your senses!”

  1. A Sense of Purpose: Why are you on the earth what is your gift, talent and expertise?
  2. A Sense of Well Being: Your body, mind and spirit are connected and reflect your thoughts, your actions and your life at work and at home and at play and with family.
  3. A Sense of HumorHumor helps get us through, Humor saves us in tough spots. Humor sells ideas when serious boredom causes us to run. When we see smiles and hear laughter we gather.


The Ten Qualities of the Enthusiastic Person

This Presentation is 1 -3 hours and can be used at a retreat or as a keynote or breakout session, customized for Women, Nurses, Administrative Professionals, Educators, Accountants, and Sales Professionals. The Enthusiastic persons:

  1. Love Deeply
  2. Laugh Often
  3. Disclose Appropriately
  4. Dream
  5. Be Present
  6. Reflect on Blessings
  7. Believe in Tomorrow
  8. Take Health Seriously
  9. Hold Children to Heart
  10. Prepare for Closure



The Surprises of Life

Perfect for senior groups and women’s events. This 45-60 minute presentation will explore teen life, romance, adulthood, parenting, career choices, aging. All of which are a surprise. Loss of good looks, strength of the body, mind and spirit. Take a hike down the slope. It’s a surprise journey! What we thought was set in stone turns out to be a challenge to use our gifts and talents. This presentation can be customized for your special audience.



The Littlest Christmas Tree and the Gifts around it

For holiday events, Women’s Teas, Family events, and more. This 30-45 minute presentation is based on the book “The Littlest Christmas Tree,” written by Janie Jasin herself. Janie has proudly sold over 200,000,000 copies. The book can be acted out with a depth and spirit long remembered. There will be book signings as well.


Presentation Skills Classes & coaching

Connect with customers, clients, in the media, in your own career? Do your words reach your employees creating team spirit? We offer classes and individual coaching in a safe environment Video playback insures immediate fixes for authenticity and impact.

In my heart, I knew that it didn’t have the passion and vitality to capture the imagination of 550 graduates and 4000 attendees in the allotted 10 minutes. Janie helped me add heart to the head.

Danita Bye Sales Growth Specialist





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